SDB-0 Dry Box
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SDB-0 Dry Box

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Sportsman's Dry Boxes can be used for 101 uses. Hunters, campers, boaters, and sportsmen alike, will find these boxes perfect for their needs. The Tongue & Groove construction uses an O-Ring for water-resistant dry storage. The lid has a comfortable handle and large easy to open lockable latch. Ideal for keeping your personal items dry!

One hunter wrote MTM to tell us that he “Loves the SDB-2T’s”. He turkey hunts in the spring, bowhunts deer in the fall and later gun hunts. Having an SDB-2T set up for each type of hunting has made his life a lot easier, as he put it!

SDB-0- (L)14” x (W)7.5” x (H)9” No Tray

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